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Start Building Momentum

Does your business provide these 5 things?

  • Gives you the time and freedom you dreamed of when starting a business (Operations Management)
  • Creates a team and culture that positions your business as a top talent magnet (Organizational Development)
  • Eliminates unwanted surprises in the areas of cash flow and financial projections (Financial Management)
  • Maintains a solid pipeline of leads and customers that are already searching for your product (Revenue Generation)
  • Impacts the world in a way that makes you eager to jump out of bed every day (Impact)
When your business is able to do these 5 things effectively you will achieve the “Momentum+Point”.

An International Case Study in MOMENTUM!

Check out how Vision+Brand Partnered with Palacios Coffee in Arequipa, Peru to help them achieve the Momentum+Point!

Taking a brand from current state to future state is as easy as 1-2-3!


The rules are constantly changing when it comes to building a business in today’s ever-shifting economy. Running a business is not what it was 10 years ago, and without a proper framework and exposure to the current trends its easy to feel left behind! This is not your fault…Not everyone has the ability and bandwidth to keep track of all it takes to scale a successful business.


The strategy is like the road map an organization will use taking them from current state to future state. It requires consulting that can draft clear and executable strategies that lead the client to the desired result. Our approach is focused on the following:

  • Listening and diagnosing the actual problems
  • Agreeing on a plan of action
  • Executing the plan


Let’s work together! We will pinpoint your weak spots within the 5 points of alignment and work with you to develop and implement actionable steps to move your business toward The Momentum+Point so you can enjoy the impactful business you have worked to build!

The 5 Points of Alignment

If your brand was a cake these would be the ingredients!


You have a vision that your business is going to make the world a better place. Keeping your “why” in the forefront will enable you to show up everyday motivated to accomplish your goals. Let us turn your vision into a message that people want to buy into!

Revenue Generation

Maintaining a solid pipeline of leads that are already looking for your product or service takes work. Vision Brand helps you design the proper marketing and sales strategy that attracts the right customers and converts them. 

Financial Management

Understanding your business’s finances should be one of the most important parts of what you do. Vision Brand can guide you so you are able to make accurate projections by knowing your financial ratios.

Operations Management

Getting your product or service to the customer efficiently requires operating procedures that account for budget, resources, quality, and logistics. We will help you with your standard operating procedures to keep things running efficiently.

Organizational Development

These days, attracting and retaining top talent is harder than ever. We will help you focus on creating a culture that provides employees with what they need to be successful!

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